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Kool ALL®


Semi-Synthetics have attributes of both a soluble oil and synthetic but with more emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors added.  Semi-Synthetics contain anywhere from 3-30% oil.  When diluted this product becomes slightly hazy. 


Our Kool ALL-GP® , Kool ALL ® & Kool ALL Ultra® products are semi-synthetics with the newest technology for long sump life, the best tramp oil rejection easily maintaining a sharp line on the refractometer for close concentration control, and the best balance between control of both bacteria and mold for the fewest odor complaints and the least generation of tube and passageway mold growths.


These products are specially designed with a high-oil content for increased lubricity for medium to heavy machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.  These products are excellent in high-pressure coolant delivery systems and is formulated to contain no EP (extreme pressure) additives.





-Clear Fluids for Viewing

-High Speed Operations Dissipate Heat

-Excellent Lubrication

-Easily Separates Tramp Oil

-Low Levels of Residual Film

-Excellent Tool Life

-Operator Sensitivity Low

-Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

-Long Fluid Life

-No EP (Extreme Pressure) Additives

-Foaming Tendency Due to Composition











Kool ALL®  and Kool ALL® GP available in: 1gal plastic containers, 5gal UN plastic pails, 55gal steel drums, and 275gal disposable totes


 Kool ALL Ultra®  available in:  32oz, 1gal, 2.5gal, and 5gal boxed cubitainers, and 275gal disposable totes

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