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Quick Reference Guide to Coolant Success


Monitoring Concentration
It is important to monitor coolant in order to maintain the appropriate concentration level, as overtime the concentration of the coolant mix in the sump changes due to water evaporation. The fastest and easiest way to monitor concentration levels is by using a hand held refractometer.

Removing Tramp Oil From The Sump
Tramp oil forms a floating seal preventing air from reaching the coolant underneath. Removing tramp oil is critical to the longevity of the coolant. If left unattended, it will form an oxygen-depleted zone, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to feed and grow. Use a skimmer to prevent rancidity and separation of the coolant.

Aerate The Coolant
Aerate the coolant regularly in order to prolong the life of the coolant. Run the machine a few hours daily. If this is not possible, then it is recommended to install a pump like ones used in fish tanks to aerate the sump when it is not in use.

When refilling your sump you must take into consideration your coolant’s evaporation rate. Since the water portion evaporates during the machining process, the concentration of the remaining sump volume is higher than what you started with. At this point, you will need to refill the sump with a lower concentrated mixture.

NOTE: If your coolant mix in the sump is too concentrated then add a make-up mix that is less concentrated. If your coolant mix in the sump is not concentrated enough then add a make-up mix that is more concentrated.

Remove Chips And Debris
Chips assist in degrading the chemistry of the coolant. By not removing chips and debris in the sump will weaken the properties of the coolant such as the biocides and corrosion inhibitors, as well as the performance and lubricity.